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  • 100% Human Hair Custom Wig


    💵Costs: $285


    •This unit will REQUIRE an IN-HOUSE appointment. Due to the custom fit and various sizes, to avoid any mistakes the unit will need to be made DIRECTLY on your head.


    •The amount listed ($75) is a SECURITY DEPOSIT to secure your appointment. This amount will be applied to your remaining balance.


    •This is a QUICK WEAVE wig and not SEWED. The appointment will be treated just as you would if you were having a quickweave done. The difference is you will be able to take the unit off after it’s made.


    •FAQ: How long will the unit last? This unit will last MONTHS-YEARS with proper care. It can be washed and revamped multiple times without coming apart. If the tracks loosen, I do offer maintenance services to revive your unit.


    •If you would like to schedule an appointment please submit your request to or contact 843-453-6721.


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